Where is my parcel?

After your order is prepared for the shipping, your receive shipping confirmation email and one more email with tracking details. The link to follow up is connected to the tracking number in the email. Just click on it.

I tried and I need the date of shipment first. What is the date?

Date of shipping is equal to the date of the shipping confirmation email.

It is still not working :(

You definitely mixed up the order of DD and MM or inserted wrong signs.

Please enter the date same as shown at the opened deutschepost page. Not DD-MM-YYYY, not DD/MM/YYYY, not MM.DD.YYYY.

Exactly as it is shown: DD.MM.YYYY

I didn't receive shipping confirmation email :(

It is an automaticall emails, they can land in spam. Please check your spam folder and all folders of your post box.

If you have post at @gmail.com please check the folder "All mail", it is there.

I still can not find shipping confirmation email :(

Open your order confirmation email and click the blue button "view your order", the tracking number is added to the details of your order!

If you have in the browser opened page with your confirmed order, reload the page and see the tracking details added.

I don't understand German :(

Please switch to the English version of the Deutschepost site at the bottom of the page or use this link https://www.deutschepost.de/sendung/simpleQuery.html?locale=en_GB

Or track the same tracking number at the post of your country. It is working!

I don't understand English as well :(

I can not use Deutschepost site :(

Every tracking number is traceable at the post of recipient country. Some of the posts provide the information right after we ship your parcel. Some of the posts will show the Information when the parcel entered and was registered at the country.

When can I expect my parcel?

Within EU postal service may take from 3 to 14 days, DHL Premium 3-4 days.

International shipping takes usually 10-14 days. 

For several countries: Israel, Australia etc. shipping may take up to 2 months, South Korea 3-4 weeks /at the moment/

When can I start to worry that my parcel is not coming?

If you are in Europe, please wait 10 days and contacts us if you didn't receive the parcel.

Please be sure you track it before and it is not laying at your local post office or pick up point. Usually it is there.

Please note we ship parcels which has to be signed by recipient and if you are not at home the parcel will be delivered to pick up point.

Tracking number is not tracking several days :(

1 situation: Tracking number was tracking and than stopped to update. It is normal. Your parcel reached last scan point at the German airport and next scan point will be at your country. Please note to several countries postal delivery nowadays goes with sea freight + air freight and next scan will come in a few weeks only.

2 situation: According to the tracking parcel was posted at the post office and there is no updates more than 7 days. It is not normal, please contact us.

My order is not fullfilled yet, what does it mean?

Please note shipping time for every product. It is shown in the description.

At our web-site most of the products are ready to be shipped at the same day however there are some items with shipping time 1-5 or 3-8 days. Those items has to be backordered for you. 

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